• "Suddenly We Didn’t Want to Die"

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    Profound quote from Elton E. Mackin’s WWI memoir:

    “Little crosses stand above the dead. They do not tell how men died; they hide the bitter human stories of the war. […] They seldom stand alone. Men see to that.”


  • Attached at the Hip

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    My girlfriend hates my phone.

    She is very vocal about the fact that I check it constantly, and she doesn’t see the need for me to be on it. I think my phone is amazing. It connects me to others from around the world, allows me to increase my productivity, and is a multi-use device. My phone is an instant portal to the entire collective knowledge of mankind! 
    And hilarious cat photos…

    So when my phone died last month I was distraught. I couldn’t sleep at night, I had cold sweats, and I could barely eat anything. 

    It wasn’t that serious but I legitimately did feel mentally distressed at not having a phone. I soon realized how integrated it had become in my life. My biggest loss was my contacts. I had failed to properly sync all my contacts so when it loaded back up I had lost almost a year’s worth of contact information. The ease of which I had access to all my contact information had made me complacent. I realized that I had never memorized the numbers that I contacted most. These people weren’t a phone number to me, they were a name and a photo in my phone. Needless to say it has been a lesson learned the hard way.

    I have a new phone now though; a Samsung Galaxy SIII. I’ve been amazed by some of the things this phone can do. The one feature that has really stood out to me though is a simple, yet key, addition. 
    That feature is the LED indicator.

    The LED indicator is a light on the face of the phone that blinks whenever I have a waiting notification such as a text or an email. I’ve been amazed how freeing this has made me feel. With my previous phone, I would check it constantly to see if I’d missed a text message or had an email waiting for me. But now, all I have to do is look over at it and the phone will show me without having to interact with it if I have notification waiting.

    It’s very satisfying to know that a simple feature addition to my phone like this has allowed me to feel like I’m no longer attached at the hip.

  • Theatrical Commentary for Looper

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    I went and saw the movie Looper when it came out in theaters and really enjoyed it. I’m a fan of sci-fi movies and I thought the movie was an excellent twist on the time travel genre.

    I was really excited to see a couple days afterwards that the writer/director (Rian Johnson) had released an in-theater commentary track for the movie. The track is more than a description of the action on screen, but is akin to a director’s commentary you would find on a DVD/Blu-Ray release of the movie. Except that it’s free! (And available on SoundCloud for download here)

    Now the obvious incentive for releasing a track like this is that you can’t listen to it on the first showing. So, you have to come back for a second time and the studio gets more money. For a movie that I enjoyed though, I wouldn’t be upset about it. A movie such as Looper is a perfect example of one that really requires a second viewing. The concept of the film is very intellectual and it’s easy to get caught up on the visuals or the plot line and to miss the finesse that the director has placed in the film.

    Unfortunately for me, I never got around to going back to the theater to listen to the commentary with the movie. So, I decided it would still be worth my time to rent the movie when it came out and listen to the track. After doing that tonight, I’m even more disappointed that I wasn’t able to experience this on the big screen. The commentary was immensely enlightening and really gave me an appreciation for the smaller details in the background, the lighting, and the actors’ abilities. 

    I would really love to see this type of free commentary occur with more movies. I know personally I would go to second showings of a movie I enjoyed if director commentary was provided ahead of DVD release. For example: I would have loved this type of experience with The Hobbit.

    If you haven’t seen Looper yet it’s out on DVD/Blu-Ray now and well worth the rent. The director commentary is available here: Looper Theatrical Commentary