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    My girlfriend hates my phone.

    She is very vocal about the fact that I check it constantly, and she doesn’t see the need for me to be on it. I think my phone is amazing. It connects me to others from around the world, allows me to increase my productivity, and is a multi-use device. My phone is an instant portal to the entire collective knowledge of mankind! 
    And hilarious cat photos…

    So when my phone died last month I was distraught. I couldn’t sleep at night, I had cold sweats, and I could barely eat anything. 

    It wasn’t that serious but I legitimately did feel mentally distressed at not having a phone. I soon realized how integrated it had become in my life. My biggest loss was my contacts. I had failed to properly sync all my contacts so when it loaded back up I had lost almost a year’s worth of contact information. The ease of which I had access to all my contact information had made me complacent. I realized that I had never memorized the numbers that I contacted most. These people weren’t a phone number to me, they were a name and a photo in my phone. Needless to say it has been a lesson learned the hard way.

    I have a new phone now though; a Samsung Galaxy SIII. I’ve been amazed by some of the things this phone can do. The one feature that has really stood out to me though is a simple, yet key, addition. 
    That feature is the LED indicator.

    The LED indicator is a light on the face of the phone that blinks whenever I have a waiting notification such as a text or an email. I’ve been amazed how freeing this has made me feel. With my previous phone, I would check it constantly to see if I’d missed a text message or had an email waiting for me. But now, all I have to do is look over at it and the phone will show me without having to interact with it if I have notification waiting.

    It’s very satisfying to know that a simple feature addition to my phone like this has allowed me to feel like I’m no longer attached at the hip.

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    David Coggins
    Recent PR/Advertising graduate from UNC-Chapel Hill & future PR/Advertising professional.

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