• Oh Oh Oreo!

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    This is the third post in my series “Twist, Lick, Dunk: The Oreo Experience.” In this series I plan to explore the ways that Oreo (both the brand and product) is captivating consumers.

    For my final post in this series on Oreo I wanted to touch on the social media presence of Oreo. Oreo has a massive following on Facebook, but I believe the work that its social media agency 360i is doing on Twitter is truly incredible. 360i has been creating several daily images that relate to current events and major topics of conversation.


    In fact, their quick work during the Super Bowl  produced the famous “Dunk in the Dark” image that was, “shared on Twitter and Facebook more than 20,000 times and garnered 430 million earned media impressions- that’s 4x the number of people who tuned in to watch the game. Wired magazine declared Oreo as the Super Bowl winner, and Adweek even ranked the tweet as one of the top five ‘ads’ of the night.”

    As I’ve talked about in my previous posts, Oreo is dominating its market. So why are they putting out so much creative material?

    The answer is that 360i is creating a brand personality and is bringing it to life via social media. Simply put, they have found a way to express the brand’s characteristics and values in a conversational way. By continuously releasing humorous and creative media, Oreo has associated itself with playfulness and witty commentary.

    To read more on how Oreo is playing out its brand personality you can check out these excellent articles:

    • From the 360i blog about their back and forth with AMC theaters: Corporate Twitter Wars
    • Great article from AdAge about the latest Twitter war between Oreo and Kit-Kat: Tic-Tac-Toe




    Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Oreo or its parent companies Nabisco and Mondelez International Inc. All images and trademarked property belong to Mondelez International and/or its affiliates

  • To Boldly Go Where No Quadrocopter Has Gone Before

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    I am very excited about the upcoming release of Star Trek Into Darkness (May 9th premiere). I have really enjoyed the direction these Star Trek movies have taken under the direction of J.J. Abrams so I have high hopes for Into Darkness. It doesn’t hurt that I’m a huge fan of J.J. Abrams‘ work (Lost, Super 8, Fringe, Revolution, Person of Interest, Mission Impossible- Ghost Protocol) so I basically watch everything he makes. Also Benedict Cumberbatch was immensely captivating in Sherlock and if you haven’t watched it go right now and do so.

    But what really excites me is when studios and projects do awesome event promotions! And this video is a great example:

    30 LED-illuminated quadrocopters creating a 308-foot-tall Starfleet emblem rotating in place 118 feet above ground! Amazing!

    Props to Ars Electronica Futurelab & Ascending Technologies for putting this together.

  • Free Tacos

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    The Flaw Behind Facebook Graph Search

    We had a class session today where we discussed SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and what is leading the charge for dominating your search results. Naturally, the conversation included the soon to be released Facebook Graph Search and how it will affect the way we look at reviews, search results, and our Facebook friends.

    Graph Search is a new way to search Facebook’s massive amount of photos, people, and connections. It is important to note that this is not a web search, but instead is a reinvention of the Facebook search we’re all used to. In order to provide answers, Graph Search will essentially use an advanced tagging system, thereby allowing it to sort things like relationships, interests, and location to better refine search results.

    Graph Search has been hailed by many to be a revitalization of search relevancy, and if I had to guess I’d say my professor would echo a similar sentiment to PC World:

    Facebook’s Graph Search is the future of search…The hyper-personal search race has already been sparked and Facebook’s Graph Search ignites the revolution.”PC World

    Quite frankly, I think Graph Search will be useful for finding people or photos, but when it comes it finding anything else it will fall miserably short. I do not believe Graph search can succeed because it relies on a tainted system: Likes

    There used to be a time when pages were run by fans who purely had an interest in a brand, restaurant, or movie. But that has long since changed. Like any organization, Facebook is dependent upon profit (Especially now that it is a publicly traded on the stock market). Facebook understood that by allowing brands to own their unique pages, they could work with them to drive fans to their pages and to increase ad revenue. In return for brands getting fans to like their pages, Facebook began incorporating these likes into the News Feed and into the sidebar ads. So brands began to run campaigns where users had to “like to enter” a contest. Contests and sweepstakes paid out to relatively few people and in return got millions of “fans” to like their page. This meant that every fan who liked it was a new source of advertising on their friends’ News Feeds.

    This brings us back to today. Graph Search relies upon likes to help determine what suggestions to make when you search for “Mexican restaurants nearby that John likes.” How accurate of a result are you getting if John liked Taco Bell’s page because they offered him free tacos for clicking a button?

    The missing factor is intent. How are we to know if John actually likes Taco Bell and thinks you should too, or if he thought free tacos was just a great deal? Intent is what makes user reviews on sites like Yelp trustworthy. The intent of Yelp is to provide reviews and recommendations of local establishments; not to draw in advertising revenue.

    For Graph Search to be truly effective, it will take a change in attitude by Facebook users, and how easily do you expect that to happen?

    Facebook Graph Search



  • Milk’s Favorite Cookie

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    This is the second post in my series “Twist, Lick, Dunk: The Oreo Experience.” In this series I plan to explore the ways that Oreo (both the brand and product) is captivating consumers.

    800px-Oreo-Size-VariationsThe Oreo Cookie- Mini, Regular, & Double Stuffed


    Today is the 101st birthday of Oreos! As if you needed another reason to enjoy a delicious Oreo today.

    Health food may be good for the conscience, but Oreos taste a hell of a lot better.Robert Redford

    In my previous post (Twist, Lick, Dunk) I mentioned that since its creation 1912, the Oreo has remained the #1 selling cookie in America. Talk about unbeatable records!

    During that time, the Oreo has seen several changes though.

    1920's Oreo Ad

    1920’s Oreo

    The original “Oreo Biscuit” was first developed and produced by the National Biscuit Company (Now known as Nabisco). What many people don’t realize is that Oreo is actually an imitation cookie. Say it isn’t so! Oreo was an imitation of the Hydrox cookie which had been created almost 4 years earlier. Unfortunately for Hydrox, its cookie was mistakenly assumed to be the knockoff due to its tangy, less-sweet filling.

    In 1921 the Oreo biscuit was renamed to “Oreo Sandwich”, and in 1948 it was renamed again to the “Oreo Creme Sandwich.” It made its final name change to the “Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookie” in 1974. Let’s do ourselves a favor and just call it Oreo from now on.

    But the chocolate cookie and the delicious creme are not the sole factors in what makes Oreo such a captivating product. Oreo is what I would call an “interactive food.” Oreos allow- rather, they encourage- consumers to be creative when eating them. From dunking them in milk, twisting them apart, eating the creme first or eating cookie first, or even gobbling a handful whole there’s no end to the ways you can eat an Oreo. This makes the way you eat an Oreo a thought out decision, and it makes the process personal to you.

    You don’t even think about it, but everyone has their own exact process for an Oreo. I can distinctly remember as a kid making sure that I separated and ate the creme from the cookies and then ate the cookies. It has been and always will be the way I eat an Oreo.


    Regular vs. Mega Stuf

    Oreo has also expanded its options. From the mini Oreo to the newly released Mega Stuf, there are a plethora of options to partake in the Oreo experience. Whether you’re enjoying Chocolate, Birthday Cake, Peanut Butter, Mint, or even Berry Burst you always know you’re going to enjoy an Oreo.

    0022 grocery_colr_1951

     Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Oreo or its parent companies Nabisco and Mondelez International Inc.

  • Best Away Game Ever

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    The Best Away Game Ever was part of a new media competition intended to see which team could create an event on UNC-Chapel Hill’s campus and then garner the most media coverage, social media attention, and participants at the event.

    Our event was a viewing party of the annual UNC/UVA football game where our participants took part in a digital scavenger hunt in order to win prizes.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    We partnered with Google+ as the event’s social media hub, and were mentored by Google representatives to recruit Carolina students as new users to the social media platform.

    Highlights (3 weeks time):

    • Over 1.75 million impressions on Google+; 150,000+ impressions on Twitter; 5,000+ impressions on Facebook; 2,200+ YouTube views
    • Featured on Google+ homepage as an example of the future of online education which attracted 1.3 million Google+ views, 1037 “+1’s,” 370 shares, and 94 comments (Link)
    • Drew the attention of Natalie Villalobos (Community Manager for Google+) & Dori Storbeck (Community Manager for Hangouts/Chat)
    • Over 400 people participated at the event in Chapel Hill.

    Personally, this event was an awesome experience. It was exhausting at some points but it was definitely worth it in the end. It was truly amazing to me to see how our group worked together to create this event. I will always be thankful for the ups and downs that this project threw my way. More importantly it taught me to take setbacks in stride and to turn them into learning experiences rather than an impediment. Countless hours were spent trying to optimize our concept with the set-backs, time constraints, and no budget. It was a great experience and I know it will be one of the most valuable and unique projects of my UNC career.

    If you would like to view all of the finer details of this project  I have made our final report available to download below.


  • Twist, Lick, Dunk

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    This is the first post in my series “Twist, Lick, Dunk: The Oreo Experience.” In this series I plan to explore the ways that Oreo (both the brand and product) is captivating consumers.

    Today I’m talking about Oreos and Oreos are unquestionably delicious. Admit it; just the thought of an Oreo right now has you salivating.

    Look at the cookie!!!

    Look at that cookie!!!

    Since its creation 1912, this simple food has remained the #1 selling cookie in America, and a staple of households and pantries worldwide. In fact, Oreo was the best-selling cookie in the entire 20th Century! And let’s be honest, it’d take a miracle for another cookie to unseat the Oreo in the 21st.

    But Nabisco has made their scrumptious little cookie more than just a treat. Oreo has an identity and an extraordinary community behind that identity.

    Oreo has a Facebook community of more than 25 million Oreo lovers around the globe, representing 200+ countries and dozens of different languages. Oreo ranks among the top five brand Facebook pages in the world!Oreo 100th Birthday Fact Sheet

    There are two main components that I believe have led to Oreo becoming such a success.

    I will dive deeper into both of these components in following posts. Join me as we delve into what exactly makes up the Oreo experience.



    Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Oreo or its parent companies Nabisco and Mondelez International Inc.