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    This is the third post in my series “Twist, Lick, Dunk: The Oreo Experience.” In this series I plan to explore the ways that Oreo (both the brand and product) is captivating consumers.

    For my final post in this series on Oreo I wanted to touch on the social media presence of Oreo. Oreo has a massive following on Facebook, but I believe the work that its social media agency 360i is doing on Twitter is truly incredible. 360i has been creating several daily images that relate to current events and major topics of conversation.


    In fact, their quick work during the Super Bowl  produced the famous “Dunk in the Dark” image that was, “shared on Twitter and Facebook more than 20,000 times and garnered 430 million earned media impressions- that’s 4x the number of people who tuned in to watch the game. Wired magazine declared Oreo as the Super Bowl winner, and Adweek even ranked the tweet as one of the top five ‘ads’ of the night.”

    As I’ve talked about in my previous posts, Oreo is dominating its market. So why are they putting out so much creative material?

    The answer is that 360i is creating a brand personality and is bringing it to life via social media. Simply put, they have found a way to express the brand’s characteristics and values in a conversational way. By continuously releasing humorous and creative media, Oreo has associated itself with playfulness and witty commentary.

    To read more on how Oreo is playing out its brand personality you can check out these excellent articles:

    • From the 360i blog about their back and forth with AMC theaters: Corporate Twitter Wars
    • Great article from AdAge about the latest Twitter war between Oreo and Kit-Kat: Tic-Tac-Toe




    Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Oreo or its parent companies Nabisco and Mondelez International Inc. All images and trademarked property belong to Mondelez International and/or its affiliates

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