• Task: Develop 2 unique brand identities for a local business incubator, and include materials such as logos, ads, and marketing concepts.

    ResultEngen505 & Hatch

    The Chapel Hill Incubator was exploring options for a new name and brand prior to its opening and sought input from advertising majors at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

    Our team pitched two ideas for brand names, as well multiple marketing techniques the client could use to promote their business. In addition, our group was challenged to create one name that incorporated the physical address of the incubator into the name.

    engen505 logo

    “What drives your ENGEN?”

    The first idea our group presented was “Engen505” which utilized the 505 W. Franklin Street address, hailed the scientific and creative nature of the incubator, and captured the driving force that the incubator would provide to the local community.


    “Hatch- Where ideas are born.”

    The second pitch that our group made was “Hatch.” The name embodied two meanings: Firstly that of an opening or entrance, and secondly to produce or to cause. We felt that this symbolized how the incubator would be an open door for participants to bring life into their entrepreneurial ideas.


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