• The Best Away Game Ever was part of a new media competition intended to see which team could create an event on UNC-Chapel Hill’s campus and then garner the most media coverage, social media attention, and participants at the event.

    Our event was a viewing party of the annual UNC/UVA football game where our participants took part in a digital scavenger hunt in order to win prizes.

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    We partnered with Google+ as the event’s social media hub, and were mentored by Google representatives to recruit Carolina students as new users to the social media platform.

    Highlights (3 weeks time):

    • Over 1.75 million impressions on Google+; 150,000+ impressions on Twitter; 5,000+ impressions on Facebook; 2,200+ YouTube views
    • Featured on Google+ homepage as an example of the future of online education which attracted 1.3 million Google+ views, 1037 “+1’s,” 370 shares, and 94 comments (Link)
    • Drew the attention of Natalie Villalobos (Community Manager for Google+) & Dori Storbeck (Community Manager for Hangouts/Chat)
    • Over 400 people participated at the event in Chapel Hill.

    Personally, this event was an awesome experience. It was exhausting at some points but it was definitely worth it in the end. It was truly amazing to me to see how our group worked together to create this event. I will always be thankful for the ups and downs that this project threw my way. More importantly it taught me to take setbacks in stride and to turn them into learning experiences rather than an impediment. Countless hours were spent trying to optimize our concept with the set-backs, time constraints, and no budget. It was a great experience and I know it will be one of the most valuable and unique projects of my UNC career.

    If you would like to view all of the finer details of this project  I have made our final report available to download below.