• Task: Create a brand and prototype for the redevelopment of the consumer retail experience; a revolutionary shopping experience that changes the way we think about retail.



    Our team was tasked to take an ongoing  retail concept development and to create a complete branded identity for the entity, as well as to build out a physical model of the retail space. The venture was created via a partnership with the University of North Carolina’s Journalism School, the University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School, Burt’s Bees, and multiple national brands–the only venture of its kind in the country.

    The project included prototyping in-store, e-commerce, and event concepts; developing strategic partnerships between brands; and designing the branding and marketing for the new entity. The project is scheduled to launch to the public in 2014.

    Roote NC

    Roote is a mission-driven marketing service that functions as a traveling retail space.  It  showcases a variety of local and national organic/natural products in a curated,  high-touch experience with a focus on sustainability education.

    Roote’s showroom will travel around the state to festivals (high-traffic environments) fostering and connecting both online and offline communities around sustainable living.  It will carry hyper-local products from businesses that share in the mission, as well as products from larger brands that exemplify it.  This showroom is more than a store – it is also a fun and interactive educational opportunity that helps the local community.  Most importantly, Roote is mission-based, and any in-store profit will go to a charity that shares its environmental values.

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    Roote is what we like to call an “un-store” because it breaks away from the traditional limitations and expectations of a retail space. The physical entity does not carry any inventory for the consumer to buy. Instead, all of the merchandise on the showroom floor is meant to be sampled and handled. Beside the displays will be convenient tablet interfaces that link into our fulfillment service back-end. Roote’s customers will be able to order the product they interact with and have it shipped directly to their homes.

    Roote is still in development but will begin market testing in the Summer of 2013, with the intention of a public launch in 2014.